Welcome, My Fellow Foodies!

We are very excited for the launch of new blog here at Enterprise Food Products & Versatile Products and Ingredients!

For those who are unfamiliar with us, our traditional European caramelized sugars and specialty products are used in all areas of the food industry from beverages, to sauces, to baking and so on. We take absolute pride in our products and have had great success throughout the industry. With our products, your latest project will come to life. Who wouldn’t want to add incredible texture, flavor, and visual appeal to a new creation?

Our customers commonly come back to us with the question: “How do I apply your product correctly to my application?”.

With this blog, we will help answer that question while giving you informative incite and hopefully, inspiration. Whether at home, in a restaurant, or in the lab, we want to share the endless possibilities these tremendous products have to offer. Our caramelized sugars are a lot of fun to work with, and may be exactly what you have been looking for. Don’t miss out.

We hope you enjoy.

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Blogging all about the benefits of Caramelized Sugar ingredients as it relates to the industrial R&D food scientist, chef and/or ingredient buyer. Caramelized Sugars are applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes not sweetening.

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