Baby, it’s Cold Outside

It has come to my attention, a large portion of our population actual loves the cold. As a matter of fact, according to the quick statistics I came across, between 35-48% prefer the cold weather. Burrrr.

I can safely say, I am not one of those people. I need sun, beach, piña coladas, barbeques… you know, everything that is included in a perfect summer day. Clearly, I am living in the wrong part of the country at this point in time. For those out on the west coast, or down south soaking up all the sun, it is time for you sun-kissed beauties to stop having all the fun. Why can’t we bring warmth and tropical flavors to our plates all year around? (Even if it feels like the North Pole every time we step outside). It is time to bring our food to a warmer place.

Enterprise Food Products has several food ingredients to help us achieve this. That’s right, we are more than just Caramelized Sugar.thai-coconut-soup-2

Remember that Coconut Cream Powder I mentioned last time? (If not, check it out: Keep It Saucy). I’m sure you’ve done some brainstorming on how to apply this product in the future, and so have we. This product can give you that coconut flavor you have never been able to fully achieve. The flavor impact of our Coconut Cream Powder is intensely satisfying!

I encourage us all, to continue to think outside of the box, really explore different, incredible creations. For some starting ideas, think about how you can create a unique Thai Coconut Chicken Soup or what about a Creamy, Spiced Coconut Lentil Soup? Coconut Cream in your morning coffee, smoothie, or yogurt? Mmh. That’s a definite.

We can come up with some pretty special dishes with these ideas. Tempted to Taste? I know I am.

If you don’t have your sample of our EFP-002 Coconut Cream Powder yet, now is the time!

We would love to hear ideas from all the brilliant Food Developers out there, please share below!


Now, sit back, take a bite, close your eyes and drift to your favorite island with your own spin of your hottest, tropical creation.

Stay warm my friends!

Until next time.

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We're the Caramelized Sugar Experts, Real...Natural Plant-Based Ingredients

Caramelized Sugar ingredients for the industrial R&D food scientist, chef, ingredient buyer and flavorist. Caramelized Sugars are real, natural ingredients, applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes and sugar reduction. The caramelization of the sugar is the key to unlocking the flavor modification benefits. Low usage rates with many food and beverage development benefits. Caramelized syrups and powders are a component of any flavor system.

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