Where will you be May 17th?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

As we are already making our way through May, we have some big dates coming up for our EFP and VPI Caramelized Sugar products.

Where will you be May 17th? If you are going anywhere, or have no plans…

We hope to see you at the 2017 New England IFT!

You will find us at Section D working with

Klass Ingredients.

We are very excited to be featuring some special products in particular during the show.

Remember No Carrier, No Problem? The WS-100-SS we talked about last time? We’re talking about our new Non-Carrier Caramelized Sugar Powder (see previous blog post if this doesn’t ring a bell). Yup, that’s the one. Come see us on May 17th and you’ll be able to observe, taste, and get your own sample of our WS-100-SS Caramelized Sugar Powder with NO CARRIER!

We will also be showing a wide variety of our Caramelized Sugar Syrups, providing different levels of caramelization, leaving us with all different flavors. You will see the uniqueness of each product, and how it will beautifully boost flavor and enhance visual appeal differently in all applications.

And we can’t forget about our new specialty products! We will also be showing our Coffee, Mint, and Lemon Caramel Crystals from our VPI line as well. Stop by our table and be sure to get your complimentary White Chocolate including our Coffee Caramel Crystal. They are so good, you’ll definitely be around for seconds!

We are looking forward to being in New England for this year’s IFT show. We hope to see you there too.

Make sure to stop by Section D.

See you there!

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Blogging all about the benefits of Caramelized Sugar ingredients as it relates to the industrial R&D food scientist, chef and/or ingredient buyer. Caramelized Sugars are applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes not sweetening.

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