Sisterhood of the “Traveling Trends”

Hello all!

So many new things are happening around us here at EFP/VPI. Kids are getting dropped off to college for the first time, friends are having babies, loved ones are getting married (hopefully for the first & only time) … There is no “freeze button” to halt the time that passes us. My advice: breath it in, and embrace it all.

Changing your environment, altering your every day schedule, and meeting new people… this is the perfect recipe to keep me inspired. I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the move & traveling all around the country for the past year and a half. I am learning every day, spreading the good word & knowledge of Caramelized Sugar, and uncovering all the hidden beauties this world has to offer.

With new ideas, places, and people surrounding me, I can’t help but notice when there is some consistency. In many ways, recognizing something familiar is very comforting.
No matter where this job seems to take me, I see a few similarities.
I call these concepts, the “Traveling Trends”.

1. Coconut craze continues.coconut bev
Coconut isn’t a new flavor, but it is definitely making some big noise recently, especially in the nutraceutical world. It’s a great flavor to include with plant-based proteins, granola bars, and dairy products. Have you given our Coconut Cream Powder a try?
2. Salted Caramel everything.salted caramel
A yummy, extremely popular trend – from beverages, to snacks, to edibles! I am finding salted caramel everywhere. Possibly the best part of this trend is … We know caramel best! Recently, we came out with a delicious, Salted Caramel Cream Paste… perfect for ice cream swirls and dessert inclusions. Is your mouth watering yet?
3. mexican spicy coffeeSweet Snacks take on the heat.
Product developers are having a lot of fun with snacks innovations this year. We’re talking about ideas like spicy chili chocolates, sriracha mango yogurts, fruit-based salsas and more! I foresee some fun and exciting concepts soon to come in the snack industry for sure. What’s some unique flavor pairing have you done, product developers?
4. Growing demand for
Regulations are definitely cracking down on the industry to clean up their labels. Going organic is one way to do so. What’s your application? I bet we have an organic, natural flavor enhancer to fit your system. Try us out.

Those are my main discovers around the globe. I am only one of many who get the opportunity to travel in the food world… so for all of you out there, what are your “Traveling Trends”? Feel free to share below!

Make sure to catch up with us next time. We just got back from Europe with lots to share.

Until then, my friends… don’t let life pass you by without finding some of your own traveling gems.

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