Protein Issues?

Millions of us are trying to enjoy healthier lives by consuming beverages and foods fortified with proteins. Pea & Whey proteins are some of the most common found in health products such as Shakes, Drinks, Bars or Snacks just to name a few. Even though there’s endless choices when it comes to these products, there is one commonality that links them all together, the unwanted off-notes from protein. Let’s be honest, these protein off-notes detract from the whole experience of consuming healthy drinks or foods to support that healthy lifestyle.

The key to understanding Caramelized Sugars is that they are NOT used as a sweetener, they are used to enhance, modify and round out a flavor system.

Proteins added to beverages or food for the health benefits negatively impacts the flavor profile of a product. Add just a small percent of caramelized sugar and taste the difference.

What if you were told that when you add a small percentage (.5 to 1.5%) of Caramelized Sugar to that protein powder or drink, the harsh protein off-note will be reduced, mouthfeel will be improved, and the consumer will taste the intended flavor of the product.

The key to understanding caramelized sugars is that they are NOT used as a sweetener, they are used to enhance, modify and round out a flavor system. It’s all due to the caramelization of the sugar which is cooked under pressure and at high temperatures for certain periods of time to give the caramelized sugar all this versatility goodness.

Labeled as Natural Flavor, Caramelized Sugar or Burnt Sugar these ingredients tout many great features such as Organic, Free Trade, “NON-GMO Project Verified”, Gluten Free, Kosher and Halal. Caramelized Sugars are simple products that are cost effective, without allergens and contain NO additives or preservatives.

Never fear a shift in heating and/or cooling because caramelized sugars are flavor stable under extreme temperature changes. Lastly, these ingredients offer the benefit of incidental color.

Those who have taken the time to understand how to best utilize these ingredients are calling Caramelized Sugar their “secret ingredient”.

Your challenge: Order a sample of either the WS-100 powder or VPI-035-Cane syrup (depending on your need) buy your favorite off-the-shelf protein drink or powder. Taste it then add a very small percent (approx 1% ) of the caramelized sugar to the drink and take note of how much smoother the drink is. The protein chalkiness is taken away and you can taste the boost in flavor since the protein off-notes have been neutralized. It’s really an amazing ingredient. Everyone can use Caramelized Sugars, they just don’t know it yet.

Cheers to the great taste of protein!


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Caramelized Sugar ingredients for the industrial R&D food scientist, chef, ingredient buyer and flavorist. Caramelized Sugars are real, natural ingredients, applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes and sugar reduction. The caramelization of the sugar is the key to unlocking the flavor modification benefits. Low usage rates with many food and beverage development benefits. Caramelized syrups and powders are a component of any flavor system.

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