Talking Caramelized Sugar at The Culinary Institute of America

Greg D’Auria talking Caramelized Sugars with CIA students.



On Friday July 12, 2019 our Caramelized Sugar Experts traveled to the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park, NY. Their mission, to educate future chefs of the world on the flavoring versatilities and clean label benefits of Caramelized Sugars and receive their thoughts on application uses for Caramelized Sugar ingredients. The students came eager to learn and ready to roll up their sleeves to get working.

Graduating CIA chefs with the Caramelized Sugar Experts.

What a day it was, introducing these soon-to-be graduates to Caramelized Sugars and challenging them to come up with innovative ways to create a breakfast food while incorporating Caramelized Sugars into their own recipes. What we ended up with were some very unique “out of the box” solutions to each application.

Lots of Caramelized Sugar questions.








Soon-to-be CIA graduate presenting his recipe with Caramelized Sugars included.

Each student was challenged with the task to create a culturally inspired breakfast dish and then integrate at least two Caramelized Sugar ingredients into that dish. By comparing each dish before and after adding Caramelized Sugar, it was clear the foods with the Caramelized Sugars included rounded out the flavors and presented more richness and heightened mouthfeel.

After taking the challenge and then talking with the students the consensus was that these Caramelized Sugars aren’t for sweetening, they do a whole lot more. Some of the quotes were such as:

Caramelized Sugars are a game changer for me, it gives me a lot more to think about when it comes to flavoring”

The Caramelized Sugar totally changed my hummus and took it to a whole other level”

It’s clear that after our visit to the CIA and interacting with these young chefs, they all are very passionate about the food they create. Providing these chefs with another “tool” for their culinary toolbox was inspirational and was great to see. Knowing that Caramelized Sugars offers them an outlet to think differently when it comes to taking flavoring to greater heights. Any time you can spend inspiring young minds is a day well spent.


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