Pea Protein Never Tasted So Good. The Delectables™ And Caramelized Sugar Save The Day Again!

Meet our friends the Peas (and there sure are a lot of them!) Pea proteins are quite popular these days and that’s because they are packed with lots of healthy plant proteins. Companies are putting pea protein in all kinds of healthy food options like shakes, snack bars, meatless burgers, chips and so much more.

There is one inherent problem with the pea protein that every food developer struggles with.  You’re left with an off-note taste in your product and that makes our pea friends sad. That’s because they want to be both healthy for people and great tasting as well. Fortunately, the peas have friends like The Delectables™. Betty Beet™ and Clark Cane™, and they can certainly boost the flavoring in any food or beverage.

To help our pea friends be happy and improving flavoring, just include a small amount of caramelized sugar in your formulations and those plant protein off-notes will be negated. The intended base flavors will rise to the top and get noticed. You’ll then have a much better tasting product with all the health benefits pea proteins have to offer without those unwanted off-notes. What’s more, you’re using low amounts of caramelized sugar, so any sugar contribution is negligible. In fact, by using caramelized sugars, you can potentially reduce the amount of table sugar being used in a formulation. That’s because caramelized sugar is a flavor modifier and extender (NOT A SWEETENER), so it’s a cost savings to include caramelized sugar ingredients and you receive cleaner labeling as well.

Now that makes everyone happy including our friends the Peas!

  • Masking properties with plant protein off-notes
  • Low usage rates
  • Flavor extension / modifications
  • Sugar reduction
  • Labels as natural flavor
  • Cost savings

As we always say… You Need Caramelized Sugars, You Just Don’t Know It Yet!

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Blogging all about the benefits of Caramelized Sugar ingredients as it relates to the industrial R&D food scientist, chef and/or ingredient buyer. Caramelized Sugars are applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes not sweetening.

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