Otis Organic™ Saves the Day with His Organic Caramelized Sugar Ingredients.

Otis Organic is the younger brother to Betty Beet and Clark Cane of The Delectables™. Just like his older dynamic duo siblings, Otis too travels solo all-over North America searching for those in need of all the great benefits caramelized sugars has to offer.

clean-label-caramelized-sugar-otis-organicOtis however, marches to the beat of  his own organic drum. He seeks out those chefs and food scientists who just have to have organic ingredients to meet their very specific needs.

As usual, Otis and his organic caramelized sugars deliver every time on checking all the right boxes when it comes to versatility, effectiveness and of course clean ingredient labeling.

Otis’s organic caramelized sugar:

  • *VPI-WB-100-ORG (organic non-carrier powder)
  • *VPI-197-OCS (organic syrup)
  • VPI-250F-OCS (organic syrup)
    * Note: Non-GMO Project Verified product


Otis Organic
Owen Organic Saves the Day for R&D scientists and Produce Developers with his Organic Caramelized Sugar Ingredients. Click the image above to download the full PDF Comic No.2.

Organic Caramelized Sugars offer the following benefits:

  • Label as organic natural flavor or organic caramelized sugar
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Low usage rates
  • Cost savings
  • Modifications and extension of expensive flavors
  • Potential for sugar reduction
  • Masking properties for plant protein off-notes

So, as you can clearly see, Otis is searching for you and he’s working hard to educate those who are in need of an organic ingredient that can boost flavors, mask off-notes and reduce costs. There aren’t any other organic ingredients available that delivers this much on flavoring versatility. Remember, as Otis always says: “You need organic caramelized sugars, you just don’t realize it yet”.

Contact us today and request a sample for your next R&D food or beverage development project.

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We're the Caramelized Sugar Experts, Real...Natural Plant-Based Ingredients

Caramelized Sugar ingredients for the industrial R&D food scientist, chef, ingredient buyer and flavorist. Caramelized Sugars are real, natural ingredients, applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes and sugar reduction. The caramelization of the sugar is the key to unlocking the flavor modification benefits. Low usage rates with many food and beverage development benefits. Caramelized syrups and powders are a component of any flavor system.

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