Cheers To A Brand New Year with New Ingredients and A New Attitude

While 2020 has certainly brought its fair share of challenges (to put it kindly), we at EFP are optimistically looking forward to BIG, FUN and BOLD trends this new year. We think plant-based caramelized sugar ingredients should be on your new year’s list as the most versatile and innovative ingredient to check out for your 2021 R&D business goals…and here’s why:

  • BIGGER Sugar Reduction Potential
  • BIGGER Cost Savings
  • BIGGER Plant-Based Innovations
  • BIGGER Off-Note Masking Capabilities
  • BIGGER Flavor Modifications
  • BIGGER Clean Label Solutions

Bigger, Bolder and Unlimited Positivity

We’re thinking BIG for 2021 and our plant-based caramelized (non-gmo sugarbeet or sugarcane) syrups and powders can be your #1 clean label ingredient to reach for every time you start a new project, Let’s look at a few food and beverage segments that are considered to be hot for 2021 and learn how our caramelized ingredients cane be key to helping you achieve those 2021 goals.

An Elephant Named Sugar Reduction

Let’s start with the elephant in the room that goes by the name sugar reduction. Not because we don’t want to talk about said elephant, but because it’s so BIG we need two rooms to hold this one. Sugar reduction is on everyone’s wish list and you don’t need to look further than caramelized sugar ingredients. Why is this ingredient different and able to offer the ability to reduce sugar? It’s all about the caramelization of the sugarcane and sugarbeet plants. Both our syrup and powder ingredients are just sugar and water heated to just the right level of caramelization to supply enhanced flavors at very low usage rates. In many instances, customers who use our ingredients have been successful in reducing their table sugar totals by up to 30%. Now that’s BIG!

Let’s get Saucy

Sauces that bring heat and a global flair are said to be trending in 2021. That’s great news because if you’re looking for more heat, and exotic herbs and flavors, caramelized sugar ingredients is your ingredient. Again, it comes down to the caramelization of our ingredients. We have a syrup or powder to enhance specialty spices, herbs, and bring the extra heat out in those peppers. If you’re going for a more Caribbean sauce that features fruits, citrus notes, coconut or even chocolates, just a small amount of caramelized ingredients can be the difference maker in making your sauce that much more memorable.

A Health State of Mind

Caramelized sugar syrups and powders are clean-label ingredients. We’re NOT a sweetener and all of our products are non-gmo, with some products being certified NON-GMO Project Verified. Because we’re a plant-based ingredient used for flavor modifications, we label as natural flavor. Then combine that with the potential to reduce sugar and offer masking properties with off-notes, caramelized ingredients may be the #1 sleeper ingredient for clean label initiatives in 2021.

The simplest way to learn more and take advantage of all these benefits in your own R&D work is to reach via the following link to communicate with our staff, schedule a group Zoom demo meeting, or just receive complimentary samples of our syrups and powders.

Let’s all welcome 2021 with open arms then raise our glasses and say cheers to a happy, healthy holiday!

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We're the Caramelized Sugar Experts, Real...Natural Plant-Based Ingredients

Caramelized Sugar ingredients for the industrial R&D food scientist, chef, ingredient buyer and flavorist. Caramelized Sugars are real, natural ingredients, applied at low usage rates for flavor modifications, masking off-notes and sugar reduction. The caramelization of the sugar is the key to unlocking the flavor modification benefits. Low usage rates with many food and beverage development benefits. Caramelized syrups and powders are a component of any flavor system.

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